Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Unexpected Twist by Nellborg Steve

From my reading of things, Fontem is the undercover unionist Biya commissioned to inject new blood in his defeated team of coup plotters. He is to me, what is usually refered to as a wolf in sheep's clothing. A first class pretender. He might have been mistaken for a shrewd gentleman had he remained in his slumber. Wise men regret their silence while fools regret their words. He has virtually used his mouth to fan the flames right above his boil. He willfully positioned himself on the wrong side of history. Everyone who attempted to bring down the IG and remained unrepentant has and continues to suffer the same fate that just met Fontem! Don't be surprised that some power drunk wannabes will still make the mistake of thinking that they have a better plot than the previous coup plotters. Simpletons can't learn from their mistakes, talk less of learning from the mistakes of others. Fontem will now join his type to eat of the bile prepared for traitorous.
The IG remains one and indivisible but as usual people are allowed to walk away from it while others walk into it. It happens every day. Nothing new about that. We stand firmly with our one and indivisible IG that shall not be run from prison. Only MENTALLY UNSTABLE people can buy the idea of the IG being run from Biya's dungeon!
No one man is bigger than this revolution. No to the entitlement spirit of ascribing special allegiances to individuals as people to whom the revolution belongs. This revolution belongs to the people!!!!! I respect Mancho for acting as the catalyst that brought the masses into the revolution. The people were ready when he showed up and so they joined him. While teachers and lawyers became weary along the way, the people continued to maintain the resistance. When Mancho's part was done, he gave way to others and never appeared to try to impose his will on that of the people. He was wise enough to know that the power of the people is greater than the people in power. Very recent history abounds with examples of people power chasing away the people in power for those with stable minds to learn from. All those inciting people by telling them that the revolution belongs to them are only bloating their egos and exposing them to fatal blunders.
FREE ADVICE: If the people reject you and you think you still have a lot to offer, it is wise to step aside and let them move on. If they feel your worth after that, they will come back for you and cherish you even more thereafter. But trying to force your will on them is tantamount to running against a moving train.
As for Dr. Sako, he is like yeast that rises every time he is put under pressure. And of course the gas that powers the heat that causes the pressure ebbs away like laundry soap. The Restoration Council that was already working on amending the proposed cabinet has not stopped work for one second because of the unwarranted distraction. They also consulted with the LGA representatives and work is in progress. Once their work will be completed, the AP will approve and that would be it. It's a shame that regressives celebrated the idea that our revolution should be run from Biya's torture chamber and by ghost in the form of Xs.only known to Sesekou. Hold your ears now, once and for all:
Nellborg Steve

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