Wednesday, May 15, 2019

My Reply To Some Detractors by Nellborg Steve

Here's a reply I gave to a detractor who poured out his frustration on me blaming me for the mess the SA cabal is putting Sesekou throug. Someone suggested it is edifying so I should post it here for more readership:
Pirelli Pirelli your frustration is what will kill you. Is Nellborg Steve the one who asked Ayuk to dissolve cabinet from jail? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to join the conspirators of the APNC? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to deceive the people of Ambazonia that VP XXX is on GZ? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to romance Milan and hate Pa Tassang over the exposure of SCAPAC funds? Is it Nellborg Steve that organized the abduction meeting at Nera? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Millan to refuse to answer to the people's investigation commission on the Nera saga? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to take sides in a matter he was listening only to one side and ended up siding with the traitors and abandoning the people? Is it Nellborg Steve that told Ayuk to cunningly control budget through Tabenyang while in prison? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to embolden SCCOPers and make them feel the revolution and IG was their property?...I could go on and on and on. Were these guys not lucked up because Biya wanted to stop them from prosecuting this revolution? How come lrc media are supporting his ruling from prison now? How come they are the ones publishing his information from jail? If his involvement was to be in favour of the revolution would they be so happy with his decision from jail? If this guy was acting in favour of the resistance would it be hard for Biya to keep him incommunicado again? Is it news to you that Millan Atam and his SCCOP have supported federation on several occasions publicly? Don't you see that Ayuk is a member of his SCCOP? Can't you see that Biya is trying by all means as he explained on his page that he will be dialoging with moderates bc as we all know there's huge pressure on him? Where have you kept your brains? Can't you think for a moment?
What's this obsession about Ayuk anyway? How special is he from the many others that are in jail with him? Or those who have died? You guys can continue to join Milan to destroy Ayuk. Don't rest until you destroy him completely. We will accompany you in the process. Bunch of power mongers whom through gossips have made Ayuk so insecure that he is now stepping out to destroy his legacy. Who could have believed that within one week he will bring down himself so low? Now some of you are crying about videos made on GZ by restoration forces supporting Sako but you did not complain when RK created a group and said it was paying allegiance to Ayuk and not to the flag. If as Anyange states we are preparing a South Sudan who is the cause? Who is supporting a warlord killing our own people like Cho? How come you guys are talking about mttb but forgetting SCAPAC funds for which Ms Fonmuki has evidence of embezzlement by Milan? Why is Ayuk shutting his eyes to that? Why are you guys joining with Cho who kills people for pleasure in the background instead of holding him accountable for the murders? So anything against Sako is good for you guys? It's this same obsession you have against Sako that will bring you down.You think Fontem came into the picture by chance?
See go and play those mind games with people who are not talking from well informed perspectives. Your manipulation will not work here. I will delete any comments attempting to thwart public opinion on my page henceforth. Go to SCBC and do it there. They want to destroy the revolution through SCBC and want Sako's IG to pay for it. Now you guys will put your money where your mouths are. The game just changed!
Another comment below the one above:
Pirelli Pirelli we all accepted him as the face of the revolution until those who decided to climb on his neck to rise did what they did. Your monumental hate for Sako is what is killing you all. There's nothing Sako is guilty of that Sesekou is not guilty of. The turth is that Sako has acheived far more than Sesekou did in his time. His era was dedicated to diplomacy but till date I am yet to see one benefit that emanated thereof. With the help of Millan Atam they told lies to the people of Ambaonian about our recognition here and there. Do you know that Ayuk's cell was raided two weeks ago? Look there's so much we are not saying not because we don't know. Ayuk has set a ball rolling that he can no longer control. It's SA that is now speaking on his behalf and don't care about his name and I blame him for that because he has given them confidence believing they will make him greater than what he was. They can't accept defeat and have decided to drag him down with them. Sometimes when you want too much, you end up with nothing. They will only drag down themselves because we will continue with the education of the masses much to your displeasure. Talking about diplomacy, did SCCOP not come out to support diplomacy. I saw Jacinta Fon anI Terry Apopo posting about their god Millan who went to the AU on a diplomatic mission, how did it end? What has Ayuk's SCCOP actually acheived. Before they point fingers at others they must examine themselves. No one has brought a good idea in the revolution to Sako and he has refused to implement it. Eric brought the idea of CbC which was in line with the Amba Peace Plan of Sako and it was implemented. What has SCCOP been selling? "Imbizo" - whatever it means and a blue beret. Must they sit on Sako's seat before they can contribute to the revolution? What is this obsession after Sako? This Cho they are partnering with has he not committed worse crimes than they are accusing Sako of committing. You have to be blind not to see the witch hunt. It's all about power isn't it?
Sesekou embolded them and endorsed the APNC after listening to gossip from Millan the gossip monger so whatever they produce in his name will be attached to his name accordingly.
I will address Sesekou when I am confident that he can get my mail

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