Friday, May 31, 2019


The seeds of confusion and division planted by LRC right in between us have started manifesting and we must all be watchful and be careful. We have come a long way, thanks to all your sacrifices. Some people think that now is time to make their money over the heads of our suffering masses and at the expense of our liberty and freedom. It won't work.
All of us have put in our best to come this far. As a matter of fact, even France has abandoned LRC and as desperate as they look right now, LRC will spare no amount of money and no single opportunity to try to reverse the table in their own favor. The water is dirty and they can't find clean drinking water anymore.
We are watching with amazing dismay how LRC, out of desperation is already manipulating some of our most once influential people. We have seen how LRC works hard everyday to viciously undermine America because the USA has championed the course for human rights and the global effort to solve the existential problem between LRC and SC right from the root causes.
In their effort to confuse even the international community, in order to keep us captive and continue to kill whenever they want and burn down homes whenever they like, LRC has engaged in a huge scheme to use our leaders in jail either passively or by design to come out of this conflict through the back door. And see the points how they are doing it:
1. Our idol they kidnapped in Nera Hotel in Nigeria for fighting to liberate us, they have suddenly allowed them to form an alternative government from where they have kept them under their custody and still control them even though we have an AIG that though not perfect, it is not completely imperfect either. (It is under this leadership that the international community is now talking the right talk about our problems). Can you change your horse in the middle of a race? If you can't, Don't blame our leadership in jail but shine your eyes and see where LRC is coming from to try and defeat us.
2. Our abducted idol has written and signed recommendations to the UNO for dialogue from where LRC keeps and controls them just immediately after the acting interim Government has sent conditions for dialogue to the UNO. Is this not the work of the devil? Again, don't blame our leadership in jail but shine your eyes and see where LRC is coming from to try and defeat us.
3. Just now again we hear the AAC has been convened in Bamanda. Something that Government first denied to hold in Buea. Do you know why? How can Anglophones have a problem with the leadership in Francophone and then it is Anglophones who are holding their own conference to solve their own problems without the Francophones nor those who helped to create the problem in the first place? The answer is to use a few privileged slaves in order to enslave all of us again for another 60 years plus.
Let's tell them the truth that this is a sovereignty problem, a problem of a stolen identity because of our natural resources. It is because they want to adopt quick resolutions carrying an Anglophone logo that will favor our continued stay in captivity and their continued exploitation of our natural resources that they are organizing this nonsense conference.
This people have no intentions to end this war since a few of the privileged amongst them are making a whole lot of money out of it at the expense of the blood and sweat of our suffering people. They will all be defeated and put to shame.
Personally, I'm firm, confident and focused. I understand the game and I won't allow money or manipulation to take over the best side of me and I urge you all to do the same. Ground zero is firm and the Diaspora is firm. Anyone who is not is not qualified to be free.
H.E. Sisiku is not the problem. LRC wants to destroy him for bringing us this far but they want his people to do this dirty job for them. I therefore, appeal to you all, not to fall for this temptation to dishonor and disrespect him because President Sisiku could be saying in his mind that he hopes we all can understand that he is not free so we should not fall for whatever he says or ask us to do. In other words he could be saying follow the revolution not me. He is a smart man but LRC will not allow him do anything at this moment that he still is inside their dragnet that goes against their interest. This for sure can never happen and we must be very smart and highly vigilant.
Everyone keep their lane. No new groups, no new conferences, no new leaders because not even their new abductions or continuing killings can solve this conflict; not even bribery, manipulation, conspiracy and confusion can stop this God ordained struggle.
We must allow those who are in command now in ground zero and in the IG pf Sako to complete the job. We are all one and let's keep emotions aside and not abandon our own just because LRC led us to that. We refuse. The time shall come when we are in Buea for anyone to rule or decide who their leader would be?
Only an all inclusive dialogue that takes into account the views of the Diaspora and the self defense groups to discuss the root causes of the war and that gives the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia a clear chance to determine their own future can solve this conflict once and for all. Make no mistake our people on ground zero know what is manipulation when they see it. It smells like a stinking rat if don by LRC trying to use anyone of us.
Don't fall for the division, don't fall for their money and their manipulation. Ground zero and Ambazonians in general are very smart and wise now more than ever before. They don't care who you the heck anyone is. If you stand on the way of their freedom, survival and independence they will completely forget about you even if you are the one feeding them. Even i am not safe if I just mess up and our people discover I'm not working for their common good. Take note.
Finally my friends, we have come a long way, Buea we all have been waiting for is no longer far. So stop killing yourselves with insults and falling for division. No one is above this struggle and no one can kill it. If you toe the line you will be counted as a liberator and not an enabler because our train is arriving and everyone must be on board.
One Love
Dr. David Makongo

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