Friday, May 31, 2019


The seeds of confusion and division planted by LRC right in between us have started manifesting and we must all be watchful and be careful. We have come a long way, thanks to all your sacrifices. Some people think that now is time to make their money over the heads of our suffering masses and at the expense of our liberty and freedom. It won't work.
All of us have put in our best to come this far. As a matter of fact, even France has abandoned LRC and as desperate as they look right now, LRC will spare no amount of money and no single opportunity to try to reverse the table in their own favor. The water is dirty and they can't find clean drinking water anymore.
We are watching with amazing dismay how LRC, out of desperation is already manipulating some of our most once influential people. We have seen how LRC works hard everyday to viciously undermine America because the USA has championed the course for human rights and the global effort to solve the existential problem between LRC and SC right from the root causes.
In their effort to confuse even the international community, in order to keep us captive and continue to kill whenever they want and burn down homes whenever they like, LRC has engaged in a huge scheme to use our leaders in jail either passively or by design to come out of this conflict through the back door. And see the points how they are doing it:
1. Our idol they kidnapped in Nera Hotel in Nigeria for fighting to liberate us, they have suddenly allowed them to form an alternative government from where they have kept them under their custody and still control them even though we have an AIG that though not perfect, it is not completely imperfect either. (It is under this leadership that the international community is now talking the right talk about our problems). Can you change your horse in the middle of a race? If you can't, Don't blame our leadership in jail but shine your eyes and see where LRC is coming from to try and defeat us.
2. Our abducted idol has written and signed recommendations to the UNO for dialogue from where LRC keeps and controls them just immediately after the acting interim Government has sent conditions for dialogue to the UNO. Is this not the work of the devil? Again, don't blame our leadership in jail but shine your eyes and see where LRC is coming from to try and defeat us.
3. Just now again we hear the AAC has been convened in Bamanda. Something that Government first denied to hold in Buea. Do you know why? How can Anglophones have a problem with the leadership in Francophone and then it is Anglophones who are holding their own conference to solve their own problems without the Francophones nor those who helped to create the problem in the first place? The answer is to use a few privileged slaves in order to enslave all of us again for another 60 years plus.
Let's tell them the truth that this is a sovereignty problem, a problem of a stolen identity because of our natural resources. It is because they want to adopt quick resolutions carrying an Anglophone logo that will favor our continued stay in captivity and their continued exploitation of our natural resources that they are organizing this nonsense conference.
This people have no intentions to end this war since a few of the privileged amongst them are making a whole lot of money out of it at the expense of the blood and sweat of our suffering people. They will all be defeated and put to shame.
Personally, I'm firm, confident and focused. I understand the game and I won't allow money or manipulation to take over the best side of me and I urge you all to do the same. Ground zero is firm and the Diaspora is firm. Anyone who is not is not qualified to be free.
H.E. Sisiku is not the problem. LRC wants to destroy him for bringing us this far but they want his people to do this dirty job for them. I therefore, appeal to you all, not to fall for this temptation to dishonor and disrespect him because President Sisiku could be saying in his mind that he hopes we all can understand that he is not free so we should not fall for whatever he says or ask us to do. In other words he could be saying follow the revolution not me. He is a smart man but LRC will not allow him do anything at this moment that he still is inside their dragnet that goes against their interest. This for sure can never happen and we must be very smart and highly vigilant.
Everyone keep their lane. No new groups, no new conferences, no new leaders because not even their new abductions or continuing killings can solve this conflict; not even bribery, manipulation, conspiracy and confusion can stop this God ordained struggle.
We must allow those who are in command now in ground zero and in the IG pf Sako to complete the job. We are all one and let's keep emotions aside and not abandon our own just because LRC led us to that. We refuse. The time shall come when we are in Buea for anyone to rule or decide who their leader would be?
Only an all inclusive dialogue that takes into account the views of the Diaspora and the self defense groups to discuss the root causes of the war and that gives the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia a clear chance to determine their own future can solve this conflict once and for all. Make no mistake our people on ground zero know what is manipulation when they see it. It smells like a stinking rat if don by LRC trying to use anyone of us.
Don't fall for the division, don't fall for their money and their manipulation. Ground zero and Ambazonians in general are very smart and wise now more than ever before. They don't care who you the heck anyone is. If you stand on the way of their freedom, survival and independence they will completely forget about you even if you are the one feeding them. Even i am not safe if I just mess up and our people discover I'm not working for their common good. Take note.
Finally my friends, we have come a long way, Buea we all have been waiting for is no longer far. So stop killing yourselves with insults and falling for division. No one is above this struggle and no one can kill it. If you toe the line you will be counted as a liberator and not an enabler because our train is arriving and everyone must be on board.
One Love
Dr. David Makongo

Our Muslim Scholar Gives His Candid Position on the Present Leadership Muddle as published by Dave WANTANGWA

Southern Cameroons Leadership Muddle.

Many people have urged me to speak to the on-going saga between the IP and the AIP.
If i have been publicly mute on the matter, it is because the muddle stems up by and large from political bargains (which are unnecessary in a Revolution). It is worth mentioning that; i am not a politicians neither am i rapt in politics-especially within a life and death revolution.
My Positionđź“Ť.
1▪️Sesekou remains my IP:- This should not be confused with referring to any governance from the jails of LRC or any jail for that matter. But IP could give advisory directives and be given basic information when and where secure and necessary.
2▪️ Dr Sako abides as my AIP:- This office in my opinion Acts for the IP. IP deserves all the respect and liaison. Meantime, IP must realize the AIP is in charge until God brings him home.
3▪️ Perhaps one day, all these conflicts will end, and it won't be because of great statesmen or churches or organizations like this one. It'll be because people have changed. They'll be like you, puffin. More a mixture. So why not become a mongrel? It's healthy.”
1▪️ My IP Sir, please relax and fly the plane when you can. Consider us on the ground. We hurt the most. We are dying, punished, under the rains in forests etc. Please loaf Sir. Do not listen to negativity from surrogates.
2▪️ My AIP Sir, Do not listen to negativity from surrogates. Relax and Pilot the plane. consider the massive suffering of us on the ground. Use your usual candor and remedy this dilemma.
3▪️ My fellow activists and comrades, please let us quit washing our very very dirty linens in public. We sell out out 80% of strategies and plans and execute 20% poorly to say the least.
4▪️ Surrogates. you are becoming more of enablers dear brothers and sisters. This thing I am feeling, I’m almost certain, is the closest I’ll ever come to standing somewhere in between truth and reconciliation.
I remind us all of the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you will want them to do unto you" -luke 6:31
Dear comrades and ultimate lamps.
▪️Do not despair, The wind shall pass and water shall find it's level.
▪️They plan and God also plans, But God is the best of planners. And God is with you and i.
▪️ Our IG will find its balance.
▪️ Don't believe everything you find on social media.
▪️ Focus on protecting yourself and family.
▪️ Assist our IDPs best you can.
▪️ Look up to your flag and motherland first.
Truly Yours.
Abdulkarim Ali

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Unexpected Twist by Nellborg Steve

From my reading of things, Fontem is the undercover unionist Biya commissioned to inject new blood in his defeated team of coup plotters. He is to me, what is usually refered to as a wolf in sheep's clothing. A first class pretender. He might have been mistaken for a shrewd gentleman had he remained in his slumber. Wise men regret their silence while fools regret their words. He has virtually used his mouth to fan the flames right above his boil. He willfully positioned himself on the wrong side of history. Everyone who attempted to bring down the IG and remained unrepentant has and continues to suffer the same fate that just met Fontem! Don't be surprised that some power drunk wannabes will still make the mistake of thinking that they have a better plot than the previous coup plotters. Simpletons can't learn from their mistakes, talk less of learning from the mistakes of others. Fontem will now join his type to eat of the bile prepared for traitorous.
The IG remains one and indivisible but as usual people are allowed to walk away from it while others walk into it. It happens every day. Nothing new about that. We stand firmly with our one and indivisible IG that shall not be run from prison. Only MENTALLY UNSTABLE people can buy the idea of the IG being run from Biya's dungeon!
No one man is bigger than this revolution. No to the entitlement spirit of ascribing special allegiances to individuals as people to whom the revolution belongs. This revolution belongs to the people!!!!! I respect Mancho for acting as the catalyst that brought the masses into the revolution. The people were ready when he showed up and so they joined him. While teachers and lawyers became weary along the way, the people continued to maintain the resistance. When Mancho's part was done, he gave way to others and never appeared to try to impose his will on that of the people. He was wise enough to know that the power of the people is greater than the people in power. Very recent history abounds with examples of people power chasing away the people in power for those with stable minds to learn from. All those inciting people by telling them that the revolution belongs to them are only bloating their egos and exposing them to fatal blunders.
FREE ADVICE: If the people reject you and you think you still have a lot to offer, it is wise to step aside and let them move on. If they feel your worth after that, they will come back for you and cherish you even more thereafter. But trying to force your will on them is tantamount to running against a moving train.
As for Dr. Sako, he is like yeast that rises every time he is put under pressure. And of course the gas that powers the heat that causes the pressure ebbs away like laundry soap. The Restoration Council that was already working on amending the proposed cabinet has not stopped work for one second because of the unwarranted distraction. They also consulted with the LGA representatives and work is in progress. Once their work will be completed, the AP will approve and that would be it. It's a shame that regressives celebrated the idea that our revolution should be run from Biya's torture chamber and by ghost in the form of Xs.only known to Sesekou. Hold your ears now, once and for all:
Nellborg Steve

Will Sissiku Run the Struggle from Jail? by CANDIDA

Sisiku running the struggle from jail?
Biya will arrest our leaders, keep them and allow them to run the revolution from his jail, so, if they can run the revolution from jail, then what was the need for LRC to arrest them in the first place?. We have to see beyond our emotions.
Sisiku carries a team of intellectuals to Nera Hotel, holds a meeting without arranging for extra security to protect them, talk less of even making arrangements with the Hotel guards to keep an eye on them. They bundled all of them like bags of cassava and took them to jail. Suddenly transferred them to LRC with the worst dungeons on earth. It is in LRC dungeons that, the clumsy and short sighted leadership will be able to run the struggle, on empty stomachs, surrounded by cruel guards watching them and speaking in a strange language?
Is Sisiku more Ambazonian than Sako or what classes him more superior that, he can run the struggle indispensably? We owe him respect as our first leader and the face of the struggle, but if he continues to #despise Sako, then he is digging a lagoon for himself. SAME Sisiku OPPOSED Balla WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO RUN THE CONSORTIUM FROM JAIL. I remember, he suggested that, WHEN Balla LEAVES JAIL, HE SHOULD GO FOR MEDICAL CHECK UP TO ASCERTAIN HIS STATE OF MIND. It is so funny that, some people have not seen the job done by Sako. Dr Sako has upped the game of self defense on GZ. Red carpeting alone in the days of Sisiku was never going to deliver us Ambaland. Dr Sako came and took a radical approach, and today, we have County by county, LGA by LGA which has reduced traffic jam with useless Gofundme online to armed bandits. We can see diplomat after diplomat visiting LRC due to tension on GZ.
I was in Berlin, I saw the harmony, brotherhood, love and passion amongst Ambazonians. People flew from places I had never heard of and came to Berlin. We were like a big family. The unity I saw in Berlin, if taken to GZ, Ambaland will be the best in the world. These are also achievements of IG under Sako. We are not going to spend our whole time forming new structures when our children are not going to school, when they are killing our people like ants. It takes resources and time to set up new structures. Those who do not want to support the struggle because Sako is in charge, can resign and work as individuals, Afterall, there are a lots of sole initiatives out there.
Leadership is not the problem in the Ambazonian struggle, it is #egoism. Resurrect JF Kennedy or Martin Lurther king, or Mandela, or Fidel Castrol and make to lead the Ambazonian struggle, you will still have the red, black and blue horses complaining!
Author: Candida

My Reply To Some Detractors by Nellborg Steve

Here's a reply I gave to a detractor who poured out his frustration on me blaming me for the mess the SA cabal is putting Sesekou throug. Someone suggested it is edifying so I should post it here for more readership:
Pirelli Pirelli your frustration is what will kill you. Is Nellborg Steve the one who asked Ayuk to dissolve cabinet from jail? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to join the conspirators of the APNC? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to deceive the people of Ambazonia that VP XXX is on GZ? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to romance Milan and hate Pa Tassang over the exposure of SCAPAC funds? Is it Nellborg Steve that organized the abduction meeting at Nera? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Millan to refuse to answer to the people's investigation commission on the Nera saga? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to take sides in a matter he was listening only to one side and ended up siding with the traitors and abandoning the people? Is it Nellborg Steve that told Ayuk to cunningly control budget through Tabenyang while in prison? Is it Nellborg Steve that asked Ayuk to embolden SCCOPers and make them feel the revolution and IG was their property?...I could go on and on and on. Were these guys not lucked up because Biya wanted to stop them from prosecuting this revolution? How come lrc media are supporting his ruling from prison now? How come they are the ones publishing his information from jail? If his involvement was to be in favour of the revolution would they be so happy with his decision from jail? If this guy was acting in favour of the resistance would it be hard for Biya to keep him incommunicado again? Is it news to you that Millan Atam and his SCCOP have supported federation on several occasions publicly? Don't you see that Ayuk is a member of his SCCOP? Can't you see that Biya is trying by all means as he explained on his page that he will be dialoging with moderates bc as we all know there's huge pressure on him? Where have you kept your brains? Can't you think for a moment?
What's this obsession about Ayuk anyway? How special is he from the many others that are in jail with him? Or those who have died? You guys can continue to join Milan to destroy Ayuk. Don't rest until you destroy him completely. We will accompany you in the process. Bunch of power mongers whom through gossips have made Ayuk so insecure that he is now stepping out to destroy his legacy. Who could have believed that within one week he will bring down himself so low? Now some of you are crying about videos made on GZ by restoration forces supporting Sako but you did not complain when RK created a group and said it was paying allegiance to Ayuk and not to the flag. If as Anyange states we are preparing a South Sudan who is the cause? Who is supporting a warlord killing our own people like Cho? How come you guys are talking about mttb but forgetting SCAPAC funds for which Ms Fonmuki has evidence of embezzlement by Milan? Why is Ayuk shutting his eyes to that? Why are you guys joining with Cho who kills people for pleasure in the background instead of holding him accountable for the murders? So anything against Sako is good for you guys? It's this same obsession you have against Sako that will bring you down.You think Fontem came into the picture by chance?
See go and play those mind games with people who are not talking from well informed perspectives. Your manipulation will not work here. I will delete any comments attempting to thwart public opinion on my page henceforth. Go to SCBC and do it there. They want to destroy the revolution through SCBC and want Sako's IG to pay for it. Now you guys will put your money where your mouths are. The game just changed!
Another comment below the one above:
Pirelli Pirelli we all accepted him as the face of the revolution until those who decided to climb on his neck to rise did what they did. Your monumental hate for Sako is what is killing you all. There's nothing Sako is guilty of that Sesekou is not guilty of. The turth is that Sako has acheived far more than Sesekou did in his time. His era was dedicated to diplomacy but till date I am yet to see one benefit that emanated thereof. With the help of Millan Atam they told lies to the people of Ambaonian about our recognition here and there. Do you know that Ayuk's cell was raided two weeks ago? Look there's so much we are not saying not because we don't know. Ayuk has set a ball rolling that he can no longer control. It's SA that is now speaking on his behalf and don't care about his name and I blame him for that because he has given them confidence believing they will make him greater than what he was. They can't accept defeat and have decided to drag him down with them. Sometimes when you want too much, you end up with nothing. They will only drag down themselves because we will continue with the education of the masses much to your displeasure. Talking about diplomacy, did SCCOP not come out to support diplomacy. I saw Jacinta Fon anI Terry Apopo posting about their god Millan who went to the AU on a diplomatic mission, how did it end? What has Ayuk's SCCOP actually acheived. Before they point fingers at others they must examine themselves. No one has brought a good idea in the revolution to Sako and he has refused to implement it. Eric brought the idea of CbC which was in line with the Amba Peace Plan of Sako and it was implemented. What has SCCOP been selling? "Imbizo" - whatever it means and a blue beret. Must they sit on Sako's seat before they can contribute to the revolution? What is this obsession after Sako? This Cho they are partnering with has he not committed worse crimes than they are accusing Sako of committing. You have to be blind not to see the witch hunt. It's all about power isn't it?
Sesekou embolded them and endorsed the APNC after listening to gossip from Millan the gossip monger so whatever they produce in his name will be attached to his name accordingly.
I will address Sesekou when I am confident that he can get my mail

Everyone of Us Must Get to Work Now! by Dr. David MAKONGO

We must safe ourselves the embarrassment of almost wasting two whole days without being able to put pressure on the UN human rights boss who is in Yaounde to also meet with his H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe in Kondengui after meeting with President Biya, collecting gifts and accepting to be decorated without the least molecule of decorum.
Yes, if we feel the same pain of our President Sisiku and our people, if we are not just looking for personal decorations too or dollars over the suffering of our people, we must all get back to work now and put pressure on the Human rights boss not to leave Cameroon without also:
1. Asking to meet with and demanding the immediate release of President Ayuk Tabe!
2. Demanding to meet with some of our IDPs not based in Yaounde but on ground zero!
3. Demanding to meet with Barrister Fru and Justice Aya Paul and Barrister Balla at least!
4. Demanding to be taken to the different prisons and locations where our people are being detained or burned alive!
5.Demanding the release of all our people and the immediate removal of all LRC military personnel from Southern Cameroons!
6. Express our readiness and Demand for immediate dialogue without preconditions on a neutral ground that address the root causes of the conflict!
Think about it again for a moment, while all time was being wasted over leadership nothingness, LRC almost succeeded in diverting our attention only to our internal problems so we dont focus on their atrocities while UN human rights Chief is in Yaounde. LRC wanted to undermine the Presidency of Ambazonia by timely setting in confusion between the IP and the AIP where no one should exist, while projecting their president to the human rights chief as the only one capable of solving this problem, so needless meeting our President in Kondengui. How can we afford to do this to ourselves?
Fellow comrades, if you believe like I do that the blood of our slain children, women and people is important and must not be spilled in vain, we must get back to work right now and start calling on UN Human rights Chief to visit our President in Kondengui and others whose rights are being abused by LRC with impunity.
We must remind her why she came to Cameroon; that was not to get decorated by the worst human rights record holders. What an irony?
Let us remind everyone that this struggle is not about who leads and who must give orders to Ambazonians! We must stop opening new fronts in this struggle while we still have hills such as the Buea mountain before us to climb. Unite and ttop fighting each other while we steal have hunger, illnesses and the suffering of our people to urgently address.
Let's focus on the enemy and not on leadership until we get the job done and our independence is fully secured. You don't have to be a leader or own a group in order to donate money or help someone in need or push for our freedom. No. All that is needed now is our full commitment and focuse. And will be free. That's all.
WE hail ground zero and all of you in this platform who did not fall for the devil's bait to divide us again along Sisiku and Sako lines. You showed wisdom and total mastery of the political game of divide and conquer.
Regardless of the decorations or what did or did not transpires in Yaounde, you can be reassured that we are a free independent people already. And this will soon come to pass as we all focus and get back to work.
Spare yourself the pain and ignore or delete any message from whosoever including myself if such a message is only trying to divide us at a time we must focus. Never listen to anything again that is about groups or leaders if it is not directly linked to taking us to freedom and independence.
One Love, God bless you!

Liberation or Independence First and Politics Later by David MAKONGO

We are focused and very close to achieving full autonomy. Each and everyone of us is qualified to lead. But wait let us deliver Ambazonia to our people first and level the playing field before the struggle for who will lead Ambazonia can begin.
Let me make myself very clear, TODAY OUR PRESIDENT is Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe and our ACTING PRESIDENT is Dr. Samuel Sako and this is what the world we have been talking to knows and so it shall remain for now until we are free.
Spare all our IDPs, refugees, prisoners of concience, the wounded and the general struggling people on ground zero and abroad the pain until we are fully free, please. This is not the hour for any distractions. If anyone wants to work for Ambazonia today go and help the IDPs, refugees and others suffering until we are free.
What happened yesterday between our leaders was the consequence of a normal misunderstanding that could be fixed without trying to derail our freedom train that is about to arrive at the independence station in Buea. It should never have happened and should never again repeat itself because we risk shooting ourselves in the head.
While we must put this behind us, we must equally qualify this as a distraction by our enemies to try to prevent us from talking about our plight while the UN Human Rights Chief is still on ground zero in response to the loud cry of our people, and this should never again happen amongst us, I beg you guys at the top.
There will be enough power for everyone when we get to Buea, but for now let's be free first.
The devil is Liar I will talk to our leaders. God bless you all.
One love
Dr. David Makongo

Some Ambazonians Want Dr. David Makongo to Lead. He says "Spare Me".

Not at this moment of favour and miracle in the history of our struggle that thanks to the focus of GROUND ZERO and the blessings of GOD the UN Security Council will hear our problem people will still be calling me or anyone to take over power.
I can't be used to distract and derail this struggle and no one will be allowed to. Can anyone tell me what my leadership or any new leader will stand to accomplish now that will be greater than the achievement for the first time in the history of this struggle the UN Security Council will be having a hearing on our conflict?
As a people who know what we want, our sense of urgency must now be shifted only to mobilizing the entire Diaspora to go down to the UNITED Nations Plaza and give support to the US Government's resolution.
Now is not time to create new leaders and bring more confusion. It is the moment to organize ourselves better in order to respond to the immediate needs of our IDPs, POS, refugees and all our people suffering at home and abroad.
For now, we are happy with H.E. Ayuk Tabe as our Interim President and Dr. Sako as our Acting Interim President and I bow down to both men with all the respect that I have inside my body. No one should try to divide us between the this two men. It is this leadership that has gotten us this far where we are today and so it shall remain for now until we are free to give the people of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia and a chance to democratically elect their own leaders and demovartically remove them as well.
For now, we want more people to volunteer and lead us in humanitarian endeavors and not the revolution itself. We have enough leaders and more than enough groups leading us already so it won't be wise to create new strong men or new strong groups.
From what I hear, there will be no negotiations without first releasing our revolutionary goverment that is in Kondengui and our President H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. For our people in prison and the government in Kondengui hold the key to any negotiations.
For now and until then, we already have an Acting Interim Government that has brought us this far at a time that our leaders are all in jail and we badly want them out to complete the job which they started. But until then I'm not doing all that I'm doing for power and no one will use me to set confusion at a time we need maximum focus in this struggle. DR. Sako and his team should continue and focus on the next task ahead of us. This is what our people want at least for now.
This is my honest call to all Ambazonians to protect your revolution and focus on May 13th demonstrations in New York. You are cautioned that you will see all kinds of things now either from the camp of the enemy or the enemy trying to use some of us to derail your journey to total freedom and independence so stand firm to protect and give ground zero the independence they have laid their lives down for and that they so much deserve.
One Love
Dr. David Makongo

SW Chiefs React the threats from the Governor Okalia Bilai as published by Dave WANTANGWA

We saw it coming!
We suspected it would happen one day!
We knew the silence of the traditional rulers all this while as they observed their ancestral lands being shattered and shared like groundnuts thrown to little kids was a time bomb.
We knew one day some little foolish act would ignite the blast.
It had to happen after all, because as it is often said, "too much of everything is a disease" that must be treated and cured - and why not eradicated?
The time has now come for the difference to be shown between the landlord and the tenant!
The time has now come for those who were considered as fools to prove their intelligence!
The time has now come for people to know the owner and the thief!
The time has now come to identify the giver and the taker!
It is a truism that you can fool a people most of the time but you cannot fool them all the time.
The time for reckoning has come and there shall be gnashing of teeth and in that process there will be another stiff resistance from the thieves and land grabbers.
We know the number of plots each and everyone owns.
We know especially what Mr Okalia Bilai Bernard from the time he served as Senior Divisional Officer in Fako and when he came back as governor the enormous volume of hectares of lands that he has grabbed in Fako Division starting with the Molyko surrender, Krata, Ngeme, Wovia, Limbola, GRA,
Batoke, Njonji, Idenau, Wonjoku just to name a few.
We know what even the late Zang III had amassed but we have traditionally solved his case as nemesis caught up with him and he ended up disposing almost all what he had grabbed during his tumultuous administrative passage in Fako.
We have a chronological record of what the present Senior Divisional Officer has so far in Ngeme, Idenau, Mutengene, Tiko just to name a few.
We know what the Divisional Officer Kouam Wokam Paul has in several village surrenders in Buea Sub Division and how he acquired the millions to erect the mansion where he is presently living.
We know about the many illegal villages created in Tiko Sub Division in particular by the Divisional Officer in total disrespect to the prevailing texts which are obtained in the Republic all in a bid to amass land and money. The cases of villages like WONGANJO, FUE, BWINGA I and BWINGA II just to cite these few are meant to serve that purpose.
We do not want to mention the illegal creation of the layout behind the Golf Club in Likomba which, not even one single indigen of Tiko was taken into consideration in the allocation.
The situation is so appalling and it neccesitates a public denunciation and it could judiciously be considered as crimes to humanity.
We have not known, heard or seen no where in Cameroon where LAYOUTS are created without the authorisation of the Minister in charge of Lands as stipulated by the rules and regulations of the Republic but under the verbal instructions of the Senior Divisional Officers and in the case of Buea, it is the Mayor and his chartered surveyor Simplice Kemongne of the Regional Service of Surveys.
Such illegal creations abound in Buea, like the case of the Government Teachers Training College land, the University of Buea land, the Government Technical High School Molyko land, the MALOKI family land at West Farm, GRA just to mention a few.
Thank God the Traditional Rulers after the nonsense declarations by Mr Okalia Bilai - governor of the Region ordering them to march pass during the 20th May National Day celebration with placards that his puppet mayor would provide for the "poor" chiefs who may complain not to have money to produce the placards, going by the governor's words, have risen like ONE MAN to say Enough is Enough!!
You people have over done it to us and our people are not happy to swallow that rubbish anymore.
You have over lived your usefulness with us.
You have stolen our patrimony with impunity and now is the payback time.
You better give back our ancestral lands or we invoke the wraths of our gods to take care.
The College of Traditional Rulers of Fako in conclave

The Divisional Officer for Buea, Defends the Governor of the SW Region by David MAKONGO

While defending his boss, the Divisional Officer for Buea threatens Fako chiefs with criminal punishment just for expressing their regrets towards Governor's orders demanding all chiefs march with placards on May 20th.
My friends, each time I want to keep my distance a bit, the painful pronouncement of these colonial administration and the daily suffering they have deeply plunged our people into keep dragging and hurting me. I must confess.
Chai God, why all this temptations? Someone tell this colonial rulers to stop this provocation. Even if our chiefs have sold their rights we won't standby for too long and watch them disrespect us and tear down our culture and tradition just as they are killing our people on a daily bases with reckless impunity.
While I still keep my calm I urge and demand that everyone forget and forgive the mistakes of our chiefs and stand firmly behind them. This is a big challenge and this is colonial rule in full display that we must all stick together and abolish.
My friends, Who born dog? Go ahead and jail our chief let's see!! Enough is enough!! We are free and gone!!
Dr. David Makongo

Wednesday, December 26, 2018






PERMIT MR DEAR READERS TO START WITH THIS AFRICAN PROVERB.... That when you get up early in the morning and your cock starts chasing after you, run for your dear life, for that cock might have developed tooth over night.

The same goes for our focus for this weekend.


This is today, a self-declared state consisting of what is now seen as the Anglophone portions of Cameroon which previously comprised British Southern Cameroons.

The Southern Cameroons was formerly the United Nations Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom administration (1922–1961), which in 1961 voted to become independent from the United Kingdom by federating with the French-speaking Republic of Cameroon.

Also called by those teamed by the Government of Cameroun as Extremists, Separatists, Secessionists and or Terrorists as the Federal Republic of Ambazonia

To them :- It is known to have a Flag,
- A Territory claimed by the Federal Republic of Ambazonia,
- Status - a putative unrecognized state.
- Recognized by the UN as part of Cameroun,
- Capital :- purported to be Buea,
- Government :- Transitional,
- President :- Siseku Ayuk Tabe, who is presently under custody, but Samuel Sako Ikome as interim,
- Her Independence from LR du Cameroun,
- Established :- on the 1st of October 2017,
- Currency :- known as the Amba, and a Passport,
- Time zone (UTC+3)
- Drives on the right hand, just like in the East Cameroun.


In 2017, the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front (SCACUF) unilaterally declared Ambazonia to be independent, while the Cameroonian government stated that the declaration has no legal weight.

The ensuing protests and violence are referred to as the Anglophone Crisis, where many believed stated from the Lawyers and Teacher's strike of 2016, while claimed has been a time bomb since after 1971.


The term Ambazonia is derived from the word Ambozes, the local name for the bay area at the mouth of the Wouri (now Douala) river.


In February 1984, President of Cameroon Paul Biya changed the official name of the country from the United Republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon.

The name that Francophone Cameroun held before its unification with Anglophone Cameroon, formerly Southern Cameroon.

Biya stated that he had taken the step to affirm Cameroon's political maturity and to demonstrate that the people had overcome their language and cultural barriers.

The action some argued was extremely popular among the Anglophone majority at a  time when Biya had a fiction with Ahidjo.

But a minority of two Restoration or secessionists groups emerged. The first group believed that Biya was assuming that the Anglophiles no longer had a unique identity and was attempting to further assimilate them into the Francophone majority.

The second group argued that by returning Cameroon to its old name, Biya had restored the Francophone state and seceded from the United Republic, thereby forfeiting his government's constitutional right to rule the Anglophone portion of the country.


In a memorandum dated 20 March 1985, an Anglophone Fon/ Lawyer and President of the Cameroon Bar Association Fon Gorji Dinka wrote that the Biya government was unconstitutional and announced the former Southern Cameroons should become independent as the Republic of Ambazonia.

Gorji-Dinka was incarcerated the following January without trial and in the process became a martyr for separatist cause.

In 2005, the Southern Cameroons/Republic of Ambazonia became a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO).

On 31 August 2006 the independence of the Republic of Ambazonia to include the disputed territory of Bakassi was formally proclaimed by the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation (SCAPO).

The name Ambazonia was used in 1984 by Fon Gorji-Dinka(leader of the Ambazonia advocacy group), when the parliament and government of the Republic of Cameroun changed the name of the country from the United Republic of Cameroon back to the pre-reunification name of the French Cameroun, the Republic of Cameroun.

In the view of some, including Gorji-Dinka, Bernard Fonlon, and Carlson Anyangwe, particularly in the former British Cameroon, this meant a dissolution of the 1961 personal union.

It was in this light that beginning in 1984, Ambazonia, was declared to represent an intervention of the people of Southern Cameroons to return the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons territory.

Ambazonia saw this not as the fait accompli of a one Cameroon state but as an opportunity to engage both states into a constitutional review of their post-1984 relations.

Ambazonia believed that by operation of the law, there should be an equal participation by the two states that made up the now extinct federation, in a new vision for their countries' (Republic of Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons) relations with each other.

In the document, dubbed the new Social Order, the Ambazonia's proposal of CACIN (the Cameroon-Ambazonia Confederacy of Independent Nations) was summarily rejected by the Republic of Cameroon.

Instead, the leader of ARC Ambazonia Restoration Council, Fon Gorji-Dinka, was arrested and tried for treason for claiming the continuing existence of the sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons in the Republic of Ambazonia.

In 1992, Fon Gorji-Dinka, on behalf of the state of Republic of Ambazonia, filed a lawsuit against the Republic of Cameroun and President Paul Biya on the main charge of the Republic of Cameroun's illegal and forcible occupation since the 1984 dissolution of the United Republic of Cameroon and the declaration of the Republic of Ambazonia.

This suit was registered with the Bamenda High Court in the Northwest region of Cameroon as case number HCB/28/92.

Note, Conflicting reports exist relating to the outcome of this case.

In a 2005 judgment of the United Nations Human Rights ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) Tribunal Communication 1134/2002, the United Nations Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favor of compensation for Fon Gorji-Dinka for human rights abuses to his person and for assurances of the enjoyment of his civil and political rights.


The declaration of independence followed a series of events that started with a lawyers' strike in October 2016, Championed by was known as the BIG SUPER 4.

That is, the Presidents of North West Lawyer's Association under the leadership of Barrister Bobga Harmony, The Fako Lawyer's Association, under the Leadership of Barrister Agbor Balla, The MĂŠME Lawyer's Association, under Barrister Awuta Philip and The Manyu Lawyer's Association with Barrister Ntuibane as V.P, assuming the Leadership role in place of their Lady President who was indisposed.

The lawyers had some times on the 9th of May 2015, sent an ultimatum to the government of Cameroun calling for a redeployment of French speaking judges from English-speaking courts and called its territory made up of the two English speaking regions of current Republic of Cameroon;

That was equally the cry of the Teachers which equally dates far back, where the English sub system of Education was fast being replaced by the French sub system and French teachers and students in the majority of the English-speaking schools of the English Regions.


It has since then formed its Interim Government and the Interim President, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, has appointed his first cabinet in exile.

As noted above, initially, the claims were initiated by the lawyers, then the Teachers.

The lawyers had sent an ultimatum to the government of Cameroon calling for a redeployment of French speaking judges from English-speaking courts.

The Cameroon government responded by cracking down on lawyers' demonstrations, as well as separatist protestors and insurgents.

As events on folded, at least 100 or more people were killed in protests following the declaration of independence, as we read on papers, while about fourteen Cameroonian troops were killed in attacks claimed by the Ambazonia Defense it still continuing.


On 5 January 2018, members of the Ambazonia Interim Government were detained in Nigeria by unknown parties.

Voice of America (V.O.A) reported that Julius Ayuk Tabe and six others were taken into custody at a hotel in Abuja.

An announcement was made 4 February 2018 that Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako would become the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, succeeding Tabe, replacing Barrister Bobga Harmony who temporarily Chaired the Council.


on November 30TH, 2017, the President of Cameroon declared war on the Anglophone secessionists to press men at the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport as he returned from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire where he attended the 5th Africa Union-European Union Summit.

THIS marked the start of a very violent confrontation between Government forces and armed separatist.

THE conflict started in Manyu Division where the Ambazona Defense Force Operated.

From there, the conflict has spread to other Divisions like Lebialem, Fako, Bui, Mezam, Momo, Menchum, Ngoketunjia...etc etc.

Several different armed factions have emerged such as the Red Dragons, Tigers, ARA, ABL amongst others.

Several Villages and towns have been burned down such as Kwa-kwa, Kembong, Tadu in NSO, Muyenge just to name a few. But almost 104 on counting.

The conflict has escalated at an alarming ratein June and July of 2018 and may lead to full blown civil war, if not carefully handled.


FOR FURTHER READIND, PLEASE PROF. ANYANGWE  (August 2008) with the Book  Imperialistic politics in Cameroun: resistance & the inception of the restoration of the statehood of southern Cameroons.



- I shall try to figure out the success or failure of the Republic of Ambazonia,  whichever way it goes.



TEL :- 677 743 201 OR 696 207 609.


Mr. LAZIZ NCHARE openly warns his people not to engage into a senseless war with Anglophones

States categorically from intelligence sources that ATANGA NJI is behind the Baungourain attacks

Says ATANGA NJI is creating militia groups in the NOUN division, arming civilians who will be used to attack Ambazonia

Says these militia groups will be committing atrocities in the NOUN division so as to tag it on Ambazonians

Says BIYA is preparing  a CIVIL WAR and the Bamoums should not allow their land to be used as a battle ground

Says such a consequence will lead to heavy civilian casualties

Warns his kin not to fall prey to Atanga Nji macabre schemes or to be manipulated into cynicism by Atanga Nji Paul or to even think of engaging into war

Says Bamoums have a sociological link with Anglophones

Asks Bamoums to act rationally

Invites all Bamoums to arise and demonstrate publicly against the BIYA regime

Invites Bamoums to sue for peace with Anglophones to resolve crisis

Says thousands of Bamoums have been living peacefully in Ambazonia without any threat whatsoever

26 DEC 2018.


This is a very dangerous turn and emotions are running very high.

However, high emotions tend to lower reasoning (see-saw effect).

One false move can open the flood gates of hell.

Its imperative for the Ambazonia leadership to maintain their calm and use discernment before engaging in any retaliatory action that may back fire on Ambazonia.

All along, LRC has done its best to make Ambazonia look bad, so as to justify the dirty war that is ongoing and to relent from solving the problem.

Since the beginning of the war, Ambazonia has been referred to as SEPARATISTS REBELS by the International Community, reason why the International Community has asked LRC to dialogue with the former.

Since BIYA is the incarnation of ALL EVIL and doesn't want to dialogue, he has used his surrogates to multiply atrocities that will make the International Community to call Ambazonians terrorists so that the killing can continue.

We remember the fake SWISS hostage takings and release

The fake abduction of FAKO chiefs

The fake AKUM attack

The fake NKWEN school children kidnappings and many other fake attacks,

 now the Bangourain attack.

Its time to apply wisdom.




Ceci est une alerte que je lance Ă  toute la communautĂ© Bamum sur le danger que court tout le DĂ©partement du Noun Ă  servir de base arrière contre les « ambazoniens ». J’ai des renseignements qui donnent Ă  croire que l’actuel ministre de l’administration est en route pour Bangourain pour armer les civiles pour les enrĂ´ler dans la guerre contre les anglophones. C’est une escalade dangereuse qui mettra en collusion le peuple Bamum contre les peuples anglophones. Ce qui n’est pas excusable. Ne soyons pas complices dans ce macabre complot.

Les Bamum sont sociologiquement liĂ©s aux anglophones et vivent ensemble dans la paix. Si Atanga Nji dĂ©cide d’armer les Bamum de Bangourain pour traverser le fleuve Noun pour aller combattre les « ambazoniens », cela constitue une preuve qu’il a envoyĂ© des milices Ă  Bangourain pour faciliter l’enrĂ´lement des populations civiles pour aller faire la guerre dans les rĂ©gions anglophones. J’invite tout le peuple Bamum Ă  organiser des manifestations pacifiques dès aujourd’hui pour empĂŞcher une telle escalade militaire contre les anglophones. C’est machiavĂ©lique la stratĂ©gie de Antaga Nji et il devient dans ce coup l’ennemie du peuple Bamum.

Agissons de manière rationnelle. Les Nations Unies exigent le dialogue. Les Bamum doivent ĂŞtre majoritairement en faveur du dialogue pour faire prospĂ©rer l’option de la paix. Ne nous laissons pas manipuler dans le cynisme d’Atanga Nji. Les civiles ont Ă©tĂ© dĂ©sarmĂ©s Ă  Bangourain. Pourquoi les armer et les emmener faire la guerre Ă  l’autre rive du Noun. Les Bamum doivent rester chez eux. Ils doivent dire non Ă  la guerre.

La sagesse d’une telle approche est dictĂ©e par la rĂ©alitĂ© selon laquelle la guerre civile qui se prĂ©pare n’est Ă  l’avantage d’aucun Camerounais. Il y a des milliers de Bamum dans les zones anglophones. Tout escalade militaire met en danger la vie des civiles innocents de part et d’autre du conflit.

Merci de votre aimable attention.

Laziz Nchare, New York, le 26 DĂ©cembre 2018.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The true enemies of this struggle are not LRC but enemies in the house. RENDITION by Ambe Emmanuel


The true enemies of this struggle are not LRC but enemies in the house, LRC surrogates who are deceiving the masses that they are fighting for Ambazonia when the reverse is true.

On the 29th of September 2018, AMBA queen KEMI ASHU and AMBE EMMANUEL jointly published the story HIGH TREASON (The Danger of Accomplishments). The reaction was both unanticipated and overwhelmingly positive. The majority of comments confirmed the fact that this was a wakeup call and that the struggle had been derailed by power mongers and by some who were using the blood of Ambazonians for their personal gain.

As usual with the internet, there was so much talk but less action.

In less than a month, Generals started falling one by one under doubtful and annoying circumstances in a vicious drama that continued to repeat itself-RENDITION; Generals TIGER, BELTUS, AMIGO and now IVO.

Ambazonia mourns the death of a brave warrior, but just how did General IVO die?

There is little doubt that Ivo was not killed by LRC but by his very own, by the very people he worked for, even though, he had created several enemies in a short while.

At the same time, it could still be a cover up for a crime, meaning that those who wanted him dead pushed him to commit those crimes so that his death will now look like a reprisal attack.

From the death scene, it is evident that;

Ivo did not die in battle. Since he enjoyed media coverage a lot, his ongoing battles were usually reported online. This time, it was not the case. No one knew of any confrontation in TEKE.

Ivo didnt die with a gun in hand to further the claim that he didnt die in battle. Even his captors forgot to frame his photo with a Dane gun or with an AK 47, justifying the reason why he was killed as it has been the trade mark with LRC killings.

Only Ivo died so we ask ourselves how a general can die alone if it wasnt a kind of arrangement.

From the images, he was shot in front of a house from the back at close range, reason why one of the bullets pierced through the front. He fell on his back and bled to death without any struggle.

As part of LRC trademark, if the BIR had killed such a big catch like Ivo that they have searched for over a year, we would have seen several selfies and photos with his corpse on the death scene, priding themselves about such a catch, so as to win promotion or favour from their Yaoundé masters.

As part of LRC trademark, IVOs trousers werent pulled down for the world to see how much ODESHI he tied around his waist. It is typical for LRC to undress Amba fighters or even plant fetishes on their bodies to show that they are terrorists and to justify their being killed.

We never saw any; we only saw his corpse in a pickup and soldiers scrambling to take shots of him, stipulating clearly that it was an inside job. LRC military was only called in to collect his corpse after the dirty inside job had been done.

Everything had been arranged well in advance.

The great general Ivo died like a fowl without a fight and with no means to defend himself. Even his ODESHI failed him that day meaning he wasnt prepared for battle and he was taken aback. With all his military skills and with the fact that he was highly wanted by LRC, there is no way he could have been surprised or ambushed so easily to such a point, without even a gun in his hand to defend himself. He must have felt very safe and very confident around someone he trusted earnestly.

 Many Generals survive fierce battles to end up dying like chicken with no means to defend themselves because all are inside jobs. Few generals die with a gun in hand, even then, they are shot from the back and not shot by the enemy. 

The most worrying aspect is the insensitivity and the untold callousness with which AYABA CHO announced his death, for someone who had worked under him all along. To AYABA, it was as if nothing happened and it was just another day at work after all the services he rendered to the former or to the revolution. While Ambazonia mourned, it sounded like a non event to AYABA because he surely knew in advance what was going to happen to IVO and since it was all planned out, IVO was replaced instantly by another surrogate who will continue to do the dirty job of their Diaspora masters.

There was no seeming ATTEMPT at explaining the circumstances under which he was killed. He needed enough time to arrange the story in his live show.

As usual, Ayabas surrogate acted swiftly, asking the people not to enter the blame game but to remain focused.

IVO MBAH was a soldier in LRC under the most dreaded BIR corps. he distinguished himself at KOLOFATA. As he proved his dexterity with the weapon, he was sent to the frontline where the battle was fiercest and in little time, he turned the tables around in favour of LRC distinguishing himself as a warrior without bounds. (Videos exist of him in action in the war against BOKO HARAM)

When LRC started slaughtering Ambazonians, IVO turned his back to his Master, came to Kumba a formed a small group of militants, then the resistance ensued. He became top on LRC wanted list. From then on, BETI ASSOMO hated Anglophone soldiers in LRC, that they were giving military secrets and military skills to the enemy (AMBA). Defecting from LRC army is punishable by death, yet Ivo was ready to pay the ultimate price.

Ivo sacrificed his prestigious corps with all the risk, the pride and fame to fight and to defend his people. Among all LRC corps, the  BIR are the most well treated, well equipped and well paid- the ELITE CORPS in LRC.

Ivo was a war strategist, a killing machine and a skillful manipulator of weapons; perhaps he wielded the weapon much faster and more accurately than BOB MUNDEM. Ivo was a sharp shooter who hardly missed his target. He was also known to have esoteric powers which made him omnipresent, as it is reported that he fought several battles in different at the same time.

Ivo was seemingly invincible. From the number of videos he made from KOLOFATA to Ambazonia, it is clear that Ivo enjoyed being in the limelight, he basked in the fame and in the cheers of his admirers. Ivo loved to be in the limelight, basking his ego in the cheers and in the warmth of his supporters.  Ivo was indeed a star and wanted to remain as such, even upon his death, reason why even his sworn enemies scrambled to take photos of his corpse, immortalizing the moment.

Ivo perhaps on LRCs most wanted list as he personalized the revolution, reason why LRC wanted him so badly. If Ivo alone could shake the foundations to such an extent, lets imagine that only a third of Amba soldiers serving LRC defected like Ivo did, where would we the revolution be today?

Ivo died for what he loved most, the smoking gun. He lived by the gun and he died by the gun.

To confirm the fact that IVO was truly great we must go back in History to investigate how Great Generals and Great War veterans ended up; they were almost always betrayed by insiders,. Stabbed in the back by their trusted aides and History always repeats itself since we never learn from the mistakes of the past;

From the days of old, SAMSON, perhaps the most powerful man in the Bible was betrayed by the very woman he loved and he trusted so much, the very woman he had sex with and he trusted her enough to expose the secret of his power to, despite his parents warnings. We all know how Samson ended on the laps of DELILAH.

 HANNIBAL, the Greatest war General and war strategists that ever existed was betrayed by the Carthaginian senate in mid battle as they refused to continue to support and to fund the second PUNIC war, betrayed by the same Government whose interest he fought for.

The great JULIUS CAESAR was betrayed yet again by his allies and his well-trusted friends, BRUTUS and LONGINUS.

One of the great revolutionary African leaders THOMAS SANKARA was betrayed by his most trusted friend and life time class mate BLAISE CAMPAORE.

A mans true enemies are members of his household, his family, his friends, his colleagues and his business associates.

JESUS himself was betrayed by the one who shared the same plate with him.

General Ivo was NO SAINT, he was stubborn and over confident. Ivo was warned not to work for people but to work for the Revolution. He never heeded. 

Things turned around when IVO decided to do dirty jobs for AYABA CHO by killing fellow fighters in the SZ, yet again in the NZ.

At a certain point, Ivo got bloated with pride and became swollen headed and reckless, making it look like he was indispensable to the struggle and without him, there will be no struggle. Ivo became power hungry  and wanted to remain in control like his boss and insecure too, fighting hard to dwarf or to destroy other leaders or groups that challenged his military prowess so that he and his boss would control the entire Ambazonia, control all the money and the power. In that regard, many AMBA fighters were killed by Ivo as the feud heightened. As a result, Ivo got at loggerheads with other Generals. We all remember the video by FIELD MASHALL of LEBIALEM, warning Ivo and challenging him to a duel if the former ever stepped foot in the latters county.

At some point, Ivo was more in the media with propaganda videos than on the battle field, wanting to get as much popularity as ever than the other Generals.

Ivo ended up destroying all that he worked for by attacking all other AMBA groups that rivaled with him.

Ivo and his ADF killed the most feared warrior Muyuka, the strong man  who was called THE GOD FATHER. When the God Father was alive, he resisted LRC in battle to the point where traffic was paralyzed between Buea and Kumba for 8 straight days. In the God fathers days, there wasnt a single uniformed officer of LRC in Muyuka. Feeling insecure by the God Fathers success, Ivo lured him into the bush, that Diaspora had sent a consignment of Arms had arrived from abroad and that he should come and assist in the sharing.

 Innocently, the God-Father followed them to the bush and he was killed in cold blood by Ivo. When the God-Father was killed, LRC took control of Muyuka till date and all the military men returned.

Later on, another leader emerged in that sub-county called OPOPO. Once again, feeling rivaled by the military might of another warrior and his ceaseless quest to control Ambazonia, Ivo sent about 20 of his ADF men to kill OPOPO in MUNYENGUE. In a fierce battle, OPOPO and his men killed 9 ADF fighters and charred their remains to the earth.

The parents of those fighters started bothering Ivo as to why he had to take their sons into battle in a different county and why they couldnt get the corpses of their killed children. Ivo couldnt provide any explanation; instead he began to avoid them. This happened a few days before he died.

Ivos last days were those of desolation and isolation till the day he was killed. He had become an object of disdain and scorn, losing relevance even some of his most loyal fanatics due to the persistent killing of fellow fighters. The repeated killing of fellow Amba fighters in repetition was an act of HIGH TREASON against Ambazonia.

His death is a blessing to the revolution. The next ADF leader will surely learn some lessons and tread if at all he has any brains when he is sent to do dirty jobs for Ayaba Cho.

IVOs always enter the game at the climax to turn thing around.

In the 1984 coup when the coup plotters made up of re[publican guards had surrounded all military installations, hijacked the national radio and played the victory song, all hop was lost and the cowardly francophone guards asked Biya to surrender to the insurrection, one man held his ground and pledged to surrender only upon death, IVO DESANCHIO YENIWO. Thanks to IVO, Biyas life was not only saved but biya regained his throne, yet today, the same biya who was saved by an Anglophone is killing Anglophones. If this Ivo didnt enter the game, Biya would not have survived to be killing Ambazonians as he is doing today.

When LRC started slaughtering unarmed Ambazonians, another Ivo (MBAH) stepped in to defend his people. He stood upon when everyone was sitting down. He took the courage to defect and to act when everyone was too afraid to challenge the oppressor in the face. The tables got turned around when IVO stepped in. the victory of several battles against LRC have been attributed to the support and to the dexterity of IVO.

The Amba revolution has been gaining a lot of grounds over time with several victories recorded by various generals in various locations. General AMIGO, general BELTUS, general NNAMBERE and the most dreaded FIELD MARSHALL of the RED DRAGONS. Things turned around when yet another IVO entered the game. From the day TAPANG IVO decided step in by joining AYABA CHO, this revolution has had nothing but trouble, infighting, power struggle and friendly fire.

Having been deposed as the interim Consortium Leader and his Federalist stance that that made him highly unpopular in the Diaspora, Tapang was desperate to return to the limelight. When he realist that his Federalist stance wasnt selling abroad, he circulated a picture of himself with 2 Amba flags on his computer table. He now joined the Ambazonia train. He posed online with weapons to show his military might as a warrior. That didnt work. Some time later, he began reporting the activities of the RED DRAGONS, soon after that, he claimed ownership of the Red dragons. Disgraced by the RED DRAGONS over claimed ownership and desperate to return to the limelight, TAPANG IVO finally found an ally, he forged a live show with AYABA CHO and the very next day, he becomes the spokesman of the ADF.

It was the same Tapang who mentioned online that French was his first language.

The same Tapang swore that he was a staunch federalist. When he realized that the federalists were losing steam, he turned his coat to become an Ambazonian.

The same Tapang mocked the ADF fighters openly in the past. It was he who gave them the name CHANG SHOE BOYS, a name that finally became the trade mark of the ADF. Today, Tapang is the spokesman of the same group he mocked and he castigated less than a year ago.

A few weeks back, Tapang swore how he would carry the revolution across the Mungo, how he had done so much ground work. He even claimed responsibility for some mishaps that occurred across the Mungo when eye witness accounts indicate that the fire was caused by a short circuit due to persistent power cuts from the electricity company. His followers hailed him for it. No one month later, all that has died a natural death and no one is talking about it anymore. Only our Generals keep dying in repeated cycles.

 When Tapang joined Ayaba Cho, there was uproar and indignation online that this marriage was going to cost Ambazonia dearly. Many people said that ATANGA NJI was working with Ayaba Cho. With no proof of this, we went on blindly. Unfortunately, we were too blind to see. Today we are reaping the fruits of the marriage. 4 generals have been killed like chicken in less than a month out of battle.

In 2017 when LRC ministers visited the Diaspora, they received hostile receptions in all counties except in the USA where TAPANG was in charge. At that time, the CONSORTIUM had made Tapang and MARK BARETA interim leaders.

EL HADJ LAWAN BAKO of the UDP and close friend to Biya prided himself in a Press interview how he prepared the foundation for a successful USA meeting. He was secretly dispatched to the US before NGOLLE NGOLLE arrived and held a SECRET MEETING with US stakeholders, reason why NGOLLE NGOLLE and his team were not harassed like others were in more than 10 different countries.

Who were the US stakeholders then; TAPANG IVO, BOMA MAYBELLE and others.

Why wasnt the meeting reported online? It was bound to remain a secret because money had to change hands.

When queried online why the US Diaspora didnt react, TAPANG and his US surrogates claimed that the venue for assembly and departure to DC wasnt well communicated. The biggest lie of the century. Posters were circulated online in bold red, specifying the venue the time and the fee for the DC trip. Anyone can draw his conclusion.

Today, BOMA MAYBELLE is fighting against the struggle, reporting LRC military news and spreading propaganda videos against Ambazonians who are funding the war.  On one of the videos, LRC military gathers some hungry looking villagers and lectures to them how LRC army is there to protect the people. After burning thousands of homes in Ambazonia, at times with people burnt alive inside, after looting so many homes and shops and banks, after killing all kinds of people including crippled who couldnt run, the old and the young, raping women and others after destroying even farms and ware houses, someone turns around and tells you that he is out to protect you. That is how you protect a people. These are people who had nothing to do with the struggle and who didnt offend anyone, yet their lives have been completely destroyed, talk less of those who have died, the widows and the orphans. Anyone can check her facebook pages.

Individuals have achieved much over time to the point where they have made it look like without them, the struggle will cease to exist. These people have developed several followers who have turned into surrogates, to sing the praises of these individuals and to rival with other surrogates, instead of supporting the struggle. In spite of all these mishaps, the majority of people still personalize and monopolize the struggle. Is the struggle about individual achievements or about Ambazonia?

While the heat is up people make a buzz over the fact that ERIC TATAW hit 2,000 mark view in a live show or that MARK BARETA hits 100,000 followers or that AYABA CHOs ratings increased by 40%. Its either the ADF or nothing, its either SOCADEF or nothing, its either MORISC or nothing. Is the struggle about our individual egos or about Ambazonia?

General Ivo made it look like without him, the struggle will cease to exist, reason why he fought hard to destroy any defense group or any leader that dwarfed his military might.

IDPs from Lebialem waited in the sun for 5 hours with the hope of getting just a cup of rice for Christmas from the AYAH FOUNDATION. Here we are out here, preparing for Christmas, living our normal lives with our family and friends, while at GZ there is nothing but desolation. At night we sleep in the comfort of our cozy houses and make love to our wives, while our people including babies are out there in the bushes at the mercy of nature. No amount of charity can ever restore the lives of the victims of this crisis. Charity wont restore the dead to life.

Yet some of us in the USA, SA and EUROPE can afford to toy with the struggle when lives, destinies and the future of thousands of persona have been destroyed.

Some of us will never step foot in Ambazonia and return alive.
With Generals NNAMBERE and the FIELD MARSHALL as our last defense lines, will they also be sold out to LRC so that all those deaths, all the carnage and destruction, all the lives lost and all the prisoners detained by LRC end up in vane?
The answer lies within each of us.